Retirement Preparedness Training in Kenya

Retirement Preparedness Training in Kenya

The state and level of being prepared for retirement require an individual to have discipline, goals which are well defined, and a plan. Kenya Motivation Speakers offers solutions to help individuals on their way to retirement by ensuring they receive exceptional services and substantial resources.  To help our clients prepare for a secure retirement, we have expertise with experience in retirement plan management and administration. We collaborate with your employer and the retirement plan’s advisor to ensure you receive excellent service and support. Request a consultation today with Kenya Motivation Speakers for the best retirement preparedness training programs.

Retirement PreparednessTraining Outcomes.

Maintain's one financial security

Reduced stress levels hence better health

Helps one to make better financial and career decisions

Maintains health relationships between spouses

Allows one to manage if forced to retire early

Allows one to minimize tax burden

Good alignment of your estate plan and legacy goals

Minimal/no depedence since one's able to cover expenses

Helps to avoid many future financial obstacles

Who should join the Retirement Preparedness Training Program.

Employees at the age of 56-65

Employees with high salaries

Employees who have served for many years

Employees with a remarkable income

Employees with fewer dependent children

Training Program Duration.

Crush Program (4Hrs)

Executive Program (One Day)

Full Doze ( 3 Full Days)

Staff Training Photos.

Training Testimonials.

Retirement Preparedness Training Program.

Retirement Preparedness Training course Outline

Health and Wellness: Promoting active aging and healthy longetivity

Financial planning: How to ensure your retirement funds last longer

Insurance and benefits: What insurance options are available and their benefits

Impact of qualified vs. non-qualified deferred compensation plans

Importance of benefits on helping one achieve retirement goals and plans

Physical health and fitness: How to live a healthy and happy life after retirement

Financial phases of retirement: Active, transition, passive and final

Implementing and managing effective investment strategies

Beyond money: Plans to live a good next life apart from making financial plans

Retirement challenges experienced by retirees and how to overcome them

Impact of technological change on decisions made by older workers

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