Corporate Governance Training

Corporate Governance Training Programs in Kenya

Rules and regulations that organizations must follow have become increasingly more relevant as a result of considerable fraud investigations and corporate power abuses. Every organization looking for investments must establish good governance structures. Kenya Motivation Speakers offers corporate governance training programs to assist your organization to adhere to regulatory requirements and policies and to give a good practice approach. We work with your organization to make sure that the risk-based approach in place is in compliance with necessary requirements. Request a consultation today with Kenya Motivation Speakers for the best corporate governance training programs.

Corporate Governance Training Outcomes.

Increases number of efficient processes

Errors in processes are easily identified

Encourages compliance to the specific regulations

Encourages consistency in processes

Improves organizational behaviour

Minimizes conflicts of interest

Reduces expropriation for shareholders.

Encourages new investments

Reduces potential risks within an organization

Who should join the Corporate Governance Training Program.

Chief Executive Officers

Chief Financial Officers


Chief Operating officers

Chief Marketing Officers

Training Program Duration.

Crush Program (4Hrs)

Executive Program (One Day)

Full Doze ( 3 Full Days)

Staff Training Photos.

Training Testimonials.

Corporate Governance Training Program.

Corporate Governance Course Outline

Introduction: Principles, roles,and benefits of corporate governance

The importance of shareholder activism in corporate governance

Corporate social rensponsibility: Policies and practices undertaken to influence the market

Understanding the role of mergers and acquistions on corporate governance

The role of risk management in corporate governance

Impact of financial audits, reports and controls on corporate governance

Staff compensation and incentives and their influence on corporate governance

Fudamental elements buiding good code of conducts in an organization

Factors affecting corporate governance in a negative manner and how to overcome them

Impact of financial modelling and management on corporate governance

Building and maintaing strong corporate governance through technology

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