Leadership Skills Training & Development program

Leadership Skills Training & Development program

Leaders impact all business performance aspects since they determine the direction and culture of the organization. In a constantly evolving business world, it’s critical to have insight-driven approaches to identify and develop leaders. Kenya Motivation Speakers offers leadership training programs to assist organizations in addressing all leadership levels.  We use a leader-based model on people, goals, and performance to identify potential leaders and to develop leaders, we use solutions that are technology-enabled, unique, and cohort-based. Request a consultation today with Kenya Motivation Speakers for the best leadership training programs.

Leadership Skills Training Outcomes.

Effective Leadership strategies are enacted

Increase employee morale and engagement

Increases work productivity

Improves one’s leadership style

Improve people’s connection with each other

Improve Leadership Skills

Embrace Cultural Diversity

Improves organisational productivity

Enhances effective communication skills

Who should join the Leadership Skills Training & Development Program.

Human Resource Professionals

Public Relations Specialists

Strategic Planners

Management Consultants

Project Managers

Training Program Duration.

Crush Program (4Hrs)

Executive Program (One Day)

Full Doze ( 3 Full Days)

Staff Training Photos.

Training Testimonials.

Leadership Skills Training Program.

Leadership Skills Training & Development program

Importance and future of leadership development

Effective perfomance management systems and practices

Fundamental elements of successful change management

Coaching leadership style in a business environment

Importance of emotional intelligence as a leader

Effective approaches and skills to use when resolving conflicts

Consious leadership: Self-awareness and leadership

Time management and leadership: How to manage your time as a leader

Importance and benefits of delegation in business leadership

Leadership skills: Decisiveness, integrity, coaching, and team building

Effective problem solving: Decisiveness, analytical skills and critical thinking

Inclusive leadership: How to be a more inclusive leader

Transformational leadership in a dynamic environment

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